Wotakoi Anime Episode 1: Reactions

The first episode of Wotakoi (Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii) was finally released! I watched it on April 15, 2018 and what can I say? I'll give it 5 stars!
Every girl should have a Hirotaka! —Narumi Luckily, the anime captures the same feels and personality of the characters, which I'm so grateful about. The likeness of the character's faces, their reactions, and body features are greatly portrayed, as well! I'm so happy the anime drawing resembles how it was drawn on manga!

It's adorable how they used cute backgrounds, like how Fujita (the author) did, too.

The fun and carefree Wotakoi soundtracks are the best, too! The opening theme and ending music really complement with the overall genre (mainly rom-com and otaku feels)!

I'm so in love with this two, Narumi and Hirotaka. Even during the first time I read the manga, they've already captured my heart ♥ !

Watch the cute clip where Narumi friendzoned Hirotaka.

And my favorite scene for Episode 1 is...

When Hiro…

KBS Drama Special: If We Were a Season

Annyeong, readers!

I spent the last week of March 2018 suffering from sore throat, mild cold and cough. Even if I was sick, I'm still thankful that it did not get any worse and I'm pretty much OK now.

So, going back, while I was glued to my bed at home and drinking lots of water (and coffee), I was randomly scrolling through the Facebook news feed and then stumbled upon a KBS Korean Drama Special shared by a friend. It is called 'If We Were a Season' and Chae Soo Bin is the female lead — and, if it's Soo Bin then I gotta watch this!

So I setup my laptop, called my sister (my Kdrama-buddy), and watched the drama show together. Our grandma joined us, too, though she complained that she cannot understand what the characters were saying (in Korean language). She couldn't read the subtitles, but nonetheless, she relied on the visuals and our explanations (haha).

And we spent that early afternoon watching two childhood friends [Gi Seok and Hae Rim] fell in love, and…

Where to Watch Korean Dramas?

If you read my blog page about Korean dramas, you'll know that I mainly watch Kdrama series at VIU (it's free, or you can subscribe for premium membership if you want additional perks).

I was actually surprised to find out recently that their premium is now available for all networks (Globe, TM, Smart, Sun). That's why I'm making this post.

I used the VIU mobile app since mid of last year and has been a premium member since December of 2017.
5 Good Reasons Why I Like Watching Kdramas at viu [1] Optimized layout for easy viewing Take a look at the website layout. It is very user-friendly, allows you to select the episode easily, and is not cluttered with ads. Same goes for the layout of their mobile app.

I'm just a mobile data prepaid user, and as with my experience in streaming, it rarely stop and buff. Great viewing experience (but of course your internet speed is a big factor on streaming).

[2] Less Ads Most streaming websites have an insanely huge number of ads…

Avengers Infinity War Movie Posters

The new posters of Avengers Infinity War! I can't wait to watch it on April 25th 2018 here in the Philippines! I hope Tony Stark won't die, he's my favorite Avenger. (T_T)

Source: Marvel Studios

Box Art | Full Metal Panic Arbalest and Gernsback Model Kits

Woah! The box art of the Full Metal Panic 1/60 model kits from Bandai are so bad ass! I'm especially excited for Arbalest. Take a look! The ver IV model kits will be released by end of April or first week of May.
Full Metal Panic! ARX-7 Arbalest Ver. IV 1/60 Scale Model Arm slave: ARX-7 Arbalest ver IV Pilot: Sergeant Sousuke Sagara
Full Metal Panic! M9 Gernsback (Commander Type) Ver. IV 1/60 Scale Model Arm slave: M9 Gernsback (Commander Type) Pilot: Sergeant Major Melissa Mao
Full Metal Panic! M9 Gernsback Ver. IV 1/60 Scale Model Arm slave: M9 Gernsback Pilot: Sergeant Kurz Weber

Blogger I Follow: Maine Mendoza

I was randomly brainstorming with myself about blogging ideas, when I was suddenly reminded of someone who blogs (even before she became a celebrity). Would you like to guess who she is?

Yup. It is 'that girl' — Maine Mendoza.
Admiring Her in My Own Way I like her for so many things, but the big chunks of it will definitely fall into her charming smile, her youthful laughter, the way she carry herself with confidence, and her [familiar] escape through writing.

I typed directly into the browser and surprised by the new look of her blog which made me think: when was the last time I visited her blog? Ah, when she posted her 'Open Letter to Our Fans' where she poured her heart out.

Seeing her did it reminded me that as a blogger, we have this frustration to express our thoughts so badly.
We are desperately dying to be heard, to be understood, or to simply get something out of our chest. Reading that blog post made me admire her more. That girl, I can't…

Wotakoi Anime TV Series in April 2018!

I am soooooooooooooo excited because the anime TV series of the manga Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii will be airing soon — April 2018!

For more updates regarding the Wotakoi anime, visit the official website here. ♥

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