My Sister CamsAnn has 3.6K+ Readers in Wattpad

Several months ago, I thought about writing a blog post about my sister's Wattpad stories. I believe it's a good opportunity to promote her stories that way, too. Back then, I remembered seeing that she already has 2,300 followers (to my surprise), and when I checked back today (to make sure 2.3k is still accurate) then boom it's 3,605! It's a really wonderful sight! Proud sister here!
My sister CamsAnn has an amazing 3,605 readers (and counting) in Wattpad! So I was dying to ask her: how did you get so many readers?

But I did not. Instead, I read one of her latest stories titled 'Time Escape' and I finally understand how. It has over 339,189+ reads and 8,873+ votes. Out of all the stories, this one has remarkably huge stats.

So I messaged her saying: "Hey! I have no idea that you have a huge number of readers! That's totally awesome!" and blasted several comments on her Wattpad story.

Spoiler Alert: You may see very minimal spoiler ahead. Continu…

So Many Things are Happening!

I feel like it's been a while since I last updated this blog. There are so many things that are currently happening, so I'm not able to continue some of my weekly goals here. But don't worry, I'll catch up!
Anime, Anime, Anime When was the last time I wrote a Reactions post to anime episodes? Yeah, that's last May 3 for the 3rd episode of Wotakoi. The pending drafts are increasing so quick, especially now that I've found another cool anime titled Quanzhi Gaoshou (The King's Avatar). It's about the life of a professional gamer after he was dismissed from their team. I'll talk about it soon! I love it so much especially because it's about gaming! Haha!

Blogging for Cabal Online As you might have found out in my About page, I'm actually an online gamer.

Well, well, well! This is my most successful blog so far, I must say. I consistently creates content for this and I'm actively interacting with the followers in my Facebook page.

Aside from …

Feeling Demotivated?

Yeah, there are times that we feel so down and low in spirit. We have so many things we passionately want to do and try, but some things are going in the way. I'm not skilled enough to do this. I'm not as good as them to create that. I keep on messing up. 
You Know, It's Okay to Fall Down... Of course, you do consider giving up. Ah, it's normal that it crossed your mind. You imagined flipping the tables and just walking out of it for good. But I want you to know that it's okay to stumble and fall down. What matters is how you stand back up. Here is a wisdom I really love to quote:
"Rest if your must, but don't you quit." I always remind myself that whenever I feel like I'm going down in despair, it's okay to go down. Hide beneath the bed sheets and be sad. Cry a few drops and wash away the frustrations with it. It is fine to retreat after a loss and rest.

Like our bodies repair itself after a good night's sleep, when our spirit is finally r…

Wotakoi Anime Episode 3: Reactions

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! [Spoiler Alert - Level: High]

There are so many great scenes on the 3rd episode of Wotaku ni Koi Wa Muzukashii anime. I can't even contain the smiles and 'kilig' I'm feelin' due to this cute couple! Ugh! ♥

I really love how we see subtle hints and bits of Hirotaka's affection for Narumi. Like for example, an unusual way to see a jealous Hirotaka(click on the link to see the gif image).
Hirotaka and Narumi: Then and Now I particularly love this flashback image of them as kids while they were both playing at Hirotaka's home. And then in the present, when he invited Narumi to his place to play games.

It's fun to see that nothing actually changed. Hirotaka was calm and chill (the game is too easy, I suppose), while Narumi was frustrated and struggling (almost trashtalking) hahaha! I can almost relate to Narumi when playing. LOL!

Narumi Didn't Remember How it Started I felt the sadness of Hirotaka on this scene. Really heartbreaking, …

Wotakoi Anime Episode 2: Reactions

The second episode of Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii features a very familiar Nintendo DS interface of Pokemon games!

This is definitely one of the cute things that I like about Wotakoi. Gamers can totally relate, especially when Hirotaka uses games to explain or mention examples. Haha!
That Awkward Feeling When You Just Started Dating Well, Narumi is having a hard time feeling awkward whenever she sees Hirotaka, while the gamer otaku is absolutely clueless.

Hirotaka: "...she always runs away like a mythical Pokemon."

And there's a golden piece of advice we should all learn from Hana-chan.

Koyanagi: "Avoiding him for no reason is unfair. Nifuji might think you don't like him anymore."

What Happens When Your Boyfriend Heard You Say You Like Someone Else Hahahahahahaha!! Let me laugh first, because this is really so adorably funny! Narumi told Hana-chan that Kabakura-senpai is much more her type (than Hirotaka), and then he appears like a wild Pokemon on the map!…

Age Matters | A Webtoon by Enjelicious

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Age Matters | A Webtoon by Enjelicious

Wotakoi Anime Episode 1: Reactions

The first episode of Wotakoi (Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii) was finally released! I watched it on April 15, 2018 and what can I say? I'll give it 5 stars!
Every girl should have a Hirotaka! —Narumi Luckily, the anime captures the same feels and personality of the characters, which I'm so grateful about. The likeness of the character's faces, their reactions, and body features are greatly portrayed, as well! I'm so happy the anime drawing resembles how it was drawn on manga!

It's adorable how they used cute backgrounds, like how Fujita (the author) did, too.

The fun and carefree Wotakoi soundtracks are the best, too! The opening theme and ending music really complement with the overall genre (mainly rom-com and otaku feels)!

I'm so in love with this two, Narumi and Hirotaka. Even during the first time I read the manga, they've already captured my heart ♥ !

And my favorite scene for Episode 1 is...

When Hirotaka asked her to date him (in his most sincere way!), …